Seasons and Assignments

As a young girl I always thought that I would grow up, find a solid career, and then for the rest of my life I would serve faithfully in that role.  I must not have clearly understood the creative nature of the God I serve.  My life has been an incredible series of Seasons and Assignments that have given me experiences  changing me from the inside out.  I have met people with whom I’ve prayed, cried, laughed deeply, served, and weathered the many storms of life. Each person has made a permanent mark on my heart and has impacted me profoundly.

Every Season and every Assignment has brought me memories, musings, stories, and thoughts that have been meaningful and written in a journal, yet rarely shared. As I create this blog it is my hope that you will be inspired and humored by the words I share.

Thank you for taking the time to follow along……..

7 thoughts on “Seasons and Assignments

  1. Yay, I am so excited and you know I will be here following along with you! 🙂 Miss you and can’t wait to see what you post because I know it will be good!
    Love, Beka

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