Partner With the Possibilities!

“Partner with the Possibilities” ~ This term is my motto as I pursue my part-time hobby.

15 years ago, almost by accident, I won $500.00 in a story writing contest that proved to be a catalyst to a hobby that continues to this day.  I have entered and won numerous contests and sweepstakes ranging from make-up to gift certificates to trips like Ireland, Aspen, and a Cruise on the Mexican Riviera!  The key to my wins have been Persistence, Patience, and Postage!!

However, I cannot leave God’s sense of humor and His sweet “Father love” out of the equation as I clearly understand that He is fully connected to the blessings and challenges of my life. I have found it so interesting that the greatest vacations for my family were “won” during times of enormous financial challenge!

I have often pondered my life through the lens of my commitment to be faithful in my consistency in my hobby.  How many opportunities do I have around me on a regular basis? What if I was simply pursuing persistence in all things? Whether that same persistence was in the area of my marriage, health, faith, or my ministry opportunities, if I were consistently engaging in all the opportunities around me, what would the “Surprise win” be?

What about you? Are there some Possibilities you need to begin to Partner with in an effort to see a “win”?  I encourage you to begin to think outside the box, to step into fresh situations with the desire and anticipation to connect with fresh possibilities; you just never know…….

Every day I check my front door for a Federal Express Envelope with a new surprise within, often I have a package waiting in my mailbox and I love the expectation that today might have a new possibility in it!!
What about you?

Are you ready to Partner with fresh Opportunities?   If you are watch for the surprises that WILL come. And, just for fun, enter a contest or two~~ real people really do win!!

One thought on “Partner With the Possibilities!

  1. I love this post Dianna. You are so deserving of the prizes you win as well as the life you have. Thanks.
    Coach Kristen

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