Keeping my “CUP” Full.

Make sure your “CUP” is not empty!

In an average day we all face the possibility of experiencing incredible emotions as all around us there are those facing real challenges, real crisis, and real need. The financial concerns have caused many to lose homes, businesses, even relationships. All around us there are those experiencing physical concerns that leave them fearful and often hopeless. Families are experiencing conflicts in marriage, raising their children, or caring for aging parents. The times when you and I may be called upon to bring hope and relief to many of these situations generally will not be on a planned schedule; rather they will most likely happen spontaneously.

Recently at the tail end of a very busy week I encountered numerous situations that required my time and emotions to fully engage with those who needed my support. I was happy to give of my time and attention and was glad to be trusted in these sad and painful situations, but found myself completely spent emotionally and physically the following day. In fact, I found myself feeling depressed and worrisome….and I knew why.

I had allowed my “CUP” to become empty.

As a Life Coach I should know better, yet I can easily forget to be mindful of caring for myself in the area of emotional strength and balance. Allowing myself to become over busy with the tasks of the day ~ even fun tasks, carrying the backpack of concerns for those whose lives connect to mine, answering my phone and email so readily that I keep myself overly available , and not getting the regular rest that I need creates a real deficit in my emotional well being.
I’m going to assume that many others struggle with this challenge as well, so I want to give us all permission to do what is needed to fill your cup!
1. Go for a walk or run.
2. Spend time with a life giving friend.
3. Focus on a hobby.
4. Turn off the phone/TV/computer
5. Journal.
6. Read something fun.
7. Consider praying and being still with God.
8. Listen to the music you love.
9. Eat a Pint of your favorite Ice Cream  – Not recommended regularly but there are days……

If we filter our schedules to include some of these activities I am certain that when those we love and care for ask us to be a strength and encouragement in times of great need we will have the capacity to do it without becoming “weary in well-doing”.

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