Thank you MOM!!

I have a mother. I am a mother.

Yesterday while celebrating Mothers’ Day with my mother and sisters; we swapped stories from the days when we were younger. Some of the stories made us laugh and some caused us to cringe as we recalled the challenges we created for our mother in forging our journey to adulthood. In raising 6 daughters, I am certain there were many times when she felt overwhelmed and disappointed at what may have felt like a thankless role, yet she continued to tirelessly pour her love and attention into our lives.
Walking arm in arm to my mom’s door, I marveled at the preciousness of our adult friendship. Through all the challenges I personally created, especially as a teenager, she continued to see something in me that she loved and believed in. I owe a great deal of who I am today to her profound influence on my life!
As a mother of adult sons I have experienced the challenges and joys of being a mom. As a mother I have worried often, prayed earnestly, laughed regularly, cried a lot, and loved deeply. All along the way my mother has been my greatest cheerleader and support. Today I marvel at the preciousness of my adult relationship with Nate and Dave.
I have learned that the greatest gift we can give as a mother is our commitment to “never giving up” on those we love; our willingness to walk through challenging times loving and believing in those we care for; being their greatest cheerleader!
Thank you Mom for your example!
I couldn’t have done it without you.
Happy Mother’s Day.

One thought on “Thank you MOM!!

  1. Thanks for your wonderful article. It was great to see the recognition you give your Mother for her role in your life. A thankful heart is a blessed heart!
    Love you,

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