The Couch

We are downsizing.  This is a new season in our life and we are downsizing. There is a fantastic quality to downsizing that gives you the opportunity to declutter, disentangle, and simplify. This is a good thing.

A lovely woman and her daughter arrived at our front door, after finding the listing for our couch on Craig’s List, and fell in love with the couch expressing how it would fit into their family’s lifestyle.  She paid for it on the spot.

The Couch.  The Couch has been the center of interactions in our home. Multiple movies have been watched snuggled on the couch, teens and young adults have discussed their lives, choices, and loves on the couch.  Marriage and pre-marriage counseling has taken place on the couch, deep laughter and tears of grief have been shared on the couch. The Couch has been where Greg and I have met to study and pray, Super Bowl and Birthday parties have taken place on or around the couch, contests have been entered on the couch, and coaching has taken place on the couch.

I have found it interesting that the only thing I will truly miss from this house will be the couch.  Where is the gathering spot in your home? Have you ever stopped to consider how much life and love takes place there? Cherish it.

We will create new ways to “do life deeply” with those we love; perhaps around the kitchen counter or around the fireplace but you can be sure that the couch will always have a sweet place in my heart!

2 thoughts on “The Couch

  1. Awwww…I loved that couch! I am so happy that Ric and I got to enjoy that ‘couch’ with both you and Greg and precious memories were made for us on that ‘couch’.

    Enjoy your next season of life Dianna…I pray the Lord supernaturally blesses you with all of your desires!!

  2. Why did this post make me shed a few tears?? I’m always the doing the leaving, but for me, this couch also represented ‘home’ – my safe place, my home away from home. I will miss the times we IM’d each other with Greg in between us :), watching Oprah, or American Idol. But I’m also excited for new beginnings for you, and looking forward to a ‘new kind of couch’. Love and hugs to you! your sis

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