Got Barnacles?

     Walking along the beach in the town of Kailua, HI you can see all kinds of sandals along the shoreline as children and adults enjoy the excitement of the blue,warm waters.  Some sandals are brand new, probably purchased right before boarding the plane for a well-planned family vacation, other sandals are worn and most likely belong to a “local” who wears them every day for every activity! I had fun imagining the personality that belonged to each unique pair.
Right before leaving the beach my eyes caught a glimpse of a curious sight, a sandal that looked like it hadn’t been worn, hadn’t served it’s purpose for a really , really long time.  Though it still had all the tread it needed to be utilized well, it had been left dormant long enough for barnacles to have grown around all the edges.

     The thought crossed my mind, “how many of us are full of gifts and talents, dreams ,vision & calling and  yet never truly engage in all that we have been purposed to do? How often do we allow  “barnacles” to attach themselves to us, keeping us from our full potential ~ dormant?

We were created for a rich purpose! Let’s do all we can to keep ourselves from becoming an ineffective sandal covered in barnacles, shall we?  Let’s go!!

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