Recently, when returning from a quick vacation on the island of Oahu, My husband and I had the opportunity to upgrade our seats on Alaska Airlines to FIRST CLASS.  Months earlier we had discussed the fact that we traveled so often and yet, had never flown in First Class and that perhaps, we ought to put it on our “Bucket List”.

I was grinning as I walked the RED carpet with all other passengers considered “preferred fliers”.  Greg and settled ourselves in the first two seats in the plane only to be greeted by a lovely stewardess with a glass of ice water and a warm cloth to freshen up.  I watched as other tired travelers passed us heading back to the tiny seats assigned to them. It actually felt awkward to catch eyes with them.

As a steward announced to the plane that there were snacks to buy and digiplayers to rent, we were handed both a free digiplayer and a menu with 3 entrees, 2 salads, and 2 desserts to choose from. I marveled when our food arrived on real glass plates looking just incredible! My glass of water was never empty and I had both a pillow and blanket nearby whenever I chose to use them in my spacious seat.

I noticed that the stewardess looked us in the eye while she chatted with us, asked us questions about our lives and shared bits and pieces about her life.  She offered us fresh snacks through out the trip. She spoiled us whenever she could.

Certainly, being treated so graciously, being a preferred customer, being looked in the eye with great respect and to have all our possible needs met was amazing.  It was.  However, my mind began to consider this on a bigger scale.  Do I show greater kindness to “preferred people” or do I act differently to those of less influence, of less impact??  I asked the Lord to check my heart and show me anywhere that I may act like some are FIRST CLASS and others are simply along for the ride.  The Lord also spoke to my heart and expressed that HE never shows preference but loves everyone with a deep and abiding love.  He reminded me that His eyes are on our hearts rather than on how we look, what we do, or what we have achieved. To my Lord I am always FIRST CLASS, and so are you.

Will I fly first class again?……….any time I can, I am ruined for life.  But I will not forget the lessons I learned in seat A1.

3 thoughts on “FIRST CLASS

  1. “I am ruined…” I totally agree. Whenever I can get it for free! My few experiences being bumped to first class were fantastic. 🙂

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