Wedded Bliss~

This past weekend Greg and I celebrated 27 years of  “Wedded Bliss”.  I chose that term because it was used by the gentleman who walked us through our Pre-marital counseling prior to our August 18th wedding day. He was well-intentioned when he talked with us about our faith in God and how we would manage our finances to help us experience “Wedded Bliss”.  However, we would certainly learn that “bliss” was short lived.

The term “bliss” speaks of  euphoric emotions, a state of continual happiness, and pure joy. Yet, marriage is the process of two individuals making lifelong decisions to blend their hearts, their dreams and their talents to become “one”.  This process is wonderfully bumpy, frightfully vulnerable, and incredibly rewarding. Yet, the expectation of a blissful existence creates an expectation that cannot be sustained much past the wedding day.

Over the past 27 years Greg and I have moved 10 times, loved and raised to great sons, have had numerous ministry roles and opportunities, have had illness/surgeries, experienced loss, needed marriage counseling, and have fought, sometimes for/sometimes against our marriage. Life has not been smooth but it has been good, it has been rich, and we are grateful to get to enjoy this season of our life together.

I thought it might be helpful to put a whole new spin on the word: BLISS!!

B –  Be fully committed to your relationship, be unwavering.

L –  Learn to listen. Really HEAR each other and use this response: “In light of what I have heard you say I imagine you must feel…..”

I  –  Inspire one another–don’t get lazy rather remain interesting to talk to & to dream with. Be the best version of YOU!!

S  –  Show up. Make sure you address concerns and hurts without stuffing them and emotionally disappearing. All this does is completely shut down the opportunity for growth and intimacy.  Timing and tone make a huge difference.

S  – Your Spirit.  The Lord is your source. No one person can meet your deepest needs.  Make sure you do all you can to grow in your walk with the Lord. As you walk close to Christ you will have greater discernment, and a stronger sensitivity to the questions ” What would Jesus do?” in relation to your spouse.

“Wedded Bliss is possible with this fresh twist! 🙂  And it’s worth the effort!

3 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss~

  1. Hi Dianna!
    It is so wonderful to hear your inspirational voice again!!!!
    Bill and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!
    I would love to catch up with you sometime in the future!
    Take care and thanks for the inspiration!
    Blessings, Linda

  2. “Wedded Bliss” has always struck me as a “joke” term, however your description above makes me think of a new term “Wedded Blessings.” As a husband and wife, the pair receive a myriad of blessings by going through the good and the bad as a team, a solid, committed unit!

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