What is YOUR Dream List?

She wants to be an actress, we discussed stretching into fresh ideas and opportunities.  Today–she has beginning roles in 2 movies.  We discussed that she desired to be married but was hesitant to “ask” God to a soul mate…she is engaged. We discussed that he would really like to run the Olympic Torch across the Golden Gate Bridge, and 4 years ago he did just that!  She tells me that after years and years of work that she would love to take a sabbatical; she is just returning from Paris to complete the “rest” of her six week sabbatical!

There is something to sharing your dreams and being positioned to “Partner with the Possibilities!

As a Life and Ministry Coach for seven years I’ve had the  privilege of hearing the deepest wishes and dreams of over 100 leaders, I know for certain that there are dreams  in us all that are just dying to be “birthed”! Sometimes money, time, health, relationships, and present responsibilities lead us to believe that our dreams will never see daylight!  Though there may be challenges, even hurdles to overcome, I have seen many, many leaders experience the reality of their dreams.

Take your own personal inventory.   What have you longed to pursue? Where have you wished to travel? What have you desired to write? How have you imagined you would like to feel?  What are the dreams you have for yourself that you have never verbalized to anyone?  What would be your “Dream List”?   Matthew Kelly, author of the inspiring book, “The Dream Manager” says “In various aspects and arenas of our lives. we encounter people who need to be challenged and encouraged in the direction of their dreams. In our personal and professional lives, we are constantly crossing paths with people who have dreams that are fallow or stagnant because nobody has encouraged them to clearly define those dreams and pursue them.”

Perhaps today is your day.  Perhaps today is the day where you look deep into your heart and allow yourself to dream again.  Here’s the exciting part in all of it.  When you allow yourself to consider your dreams, you will begin to talk about it, you will begin to look for opportunities, and the coolest part~~ you will begin to pray about it!  That’s where it gets dynamic! We have a God who loves us and is not limited by finances, opportunity, or timing! He wants us to dream!

It has been astounding to watch the miracles that have taken place in the lives of those I have Coached as they allow themselves the freedom to dream again.  I watched surprising doors open, incredible connections made, even prizes won by those who have begun to ALLOW themselves to pursue their dreams.

As a coach I’ve got an Action Step for you:  Grab a note pad & pen, head to an inspiring location, and begin to put your dreams where YOU can see them. What are your dreams Physically, Spiritually, Financially,  Professionally?  Do you have dreams to travel, to do something creative, to build a legacy, or to grow intellectually?      Just start writing! You might surprise yourself.   Then share your dreams with someone who will nourish them and encourage you to pursue them!  Honestly, one year from now you will be able to cross some of them off your  list as they come to fruition!

Oh, and don’t leave me out of the loop! Fill me in WHEN you experience dreams fulfilled, not IF! 🙂

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