Seasons and Assignments!

I believe God has Seasons and Assignments in all our lives.  I have been keenly aware of God’s divine direction in my life.  His direction has taken me through hills and valleys, new seasons and new assignments. I stand in awe of how He has led me, surprised me, comforted me,  remaining incredibly faithful through it all!

I am a gal who loves stability, consistency, and steadiness yet I have often heard God say   ” will you follow me in to this new season, this new assignment? ” I catch my breath and say “I will.”

I stand in awe of how God moves and I trust Him. I have watched Him show up in so many ways, open incredible doors, and answer so many of my heartfelt prayers.

What is God saying to you?  Is He calling you to a fresh Path? Calling you to trust Him anew? Opening up a new season for you?  With all your Seasons and Assignments ~   He is more than able, more than faithful, more than WE can imagine.


Small Blog–huge meaning!

Believe HIM!

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