We said Good-bye………….for now.

Life is interesting. Every January I look  at the year ahead and wonder what I will experience as the coming year unfolds. This year has “rocked” me more than any other and yet, I have such a sweet sense of God’s direction amidst challenge and sadness.  We sold a home we loved, lost a precious nephew dramatically, and left the leadership of a ministry we helped establish and loved dearly.


Houses, Jobs…………..they matter. However, People matter more.  Much much more.  We said Good – bye to Christopher Ryan Smith this weekend and I am forever changed.  This loss has re-established a “plumb line” for me and I am reminded that the relationships in my life, those God has given me to love and cherish are of utmost importance.

I want to do well in my life, I want to work with a team and make it great. I want to work on tasks and do my very best. I want to use my gifts to the best of my ability. But, at the end of the day; people matter most.

We said Good-bye this weekend.  I look to the year ahead with a fresh filter, a fresh direction, and a fresh resolve.  People matter.  I will make choices based on this truth.

What this requires of me is a heart of forgiveness, a desire for reconciliation wherever possible, working to be unoffendable, and a short list of offenses…………….it is my prayer that the Lord will remind me of this as I walk out the year ahead and strengthen me to respond with this resolve.

We said Good-bye this weekend.  Good-bye.  And I am forever changed.   Christopher, thank  you for helping me to grow; I will see you again my sweet nephew.

5 thoughts on “We said Good-bye………….for now.

  1. Love ya Dianna….I am so thankful OUR Lord has joined us….and grateful for the freindship that resolved from our joining…..May the Lord bless you and keep you in his perfect will and blessing for you and yours!!

  2. It is always nice when you find a post that is not only informative but fun. I must bookmark We said Good-bye………….for now. Dianna Salciccioli. I have been seeking for datas about this subject matter for weeks and yours is the best I have found. I trully enjoyed your article.

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