Today I Opened My Mail~

Today I opened my mail and found the usual mix of adds, coupons, travel brochures, magazines, and bills; yet peaking beyond all those things was a shiny bright blue envelope.  Certainly it caught my attention and I was anxious to open it to see what treasure was inside.  On the back of the envelope was the name of the sender, and just seeing her name gave me a skip in my step and a hastily walked back to my condo to satisfy my curiosity.   Nothing could have prepared me for what I found.

Today I opened a shiny blue envelope and found such a sacred gift that I was almost hesitant to write about it yet I knew it was a treasure to be shared.  Inside the envelope I found a journal that I had sent to this same friend earlier this year so that while she attended a leadership event she could jot down thoughts gained there.  Hmmmmm……why did she return the journal?

Today I opened the front page of a tiny journal and read the opening page: “This Journal now belongs to Dianna Salciccioli.”  followed by her words ” You are my friend and I know you are going through a hard time right now- so I want to use this as an inspirational journal for you”.  With this precious intention my dear friend took the time each day to fill each page over the past 6 weeks with love, encouragement, prayers, poems, and special “sayings” that she knew would be such an encouragement to me.  I wept.  I wept that someone would care that much to take the time and effort to care for my heart; to understand the toll of the loss of my nephew and the changes in our lives had taken on me, her friend.

Today I opened the middle of a tiny journal from my friend to the dates October 21,22~~ The dates of Christopher Ryan Smiths Memorial~Her words; ” You’ll need courage and real strength tomorrow, but the Lord , Our Lord, will provide”.  Today will be hard and joyous as you celebrate Chris’s life, May your sorrow be turned to joy soon”.

Today I opened my mail and was richly reminded that my God loves me so much that He inspired my friend to tangibly remind me that while I have navigated the challenges of this year; He was covering me even as she was privately encouraging me….and I had no idea. Peeking ahead in the journal I found a quote that sums up my thoughts; ” A friend knows the songs in my heart and sings to me when my memory fails.”

Today opening my mail filled my heart~~Thank you my dear friend, thank you Lord.

3 thoughts on “Today I Opened My Mail~

  1. What a beautiful gift to receive from a thoughtful, caring friend. You are a blessing to many of us and I pray your heart continues to be lifted and encouraged as you do so often for all of us. God’s love is boundless and what a delight to be partakers in loving one another because He first loved us! Blessings my friend. -Lynne

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