I am always so elated when Halloween is over because it gives me glorious permission to focus on my two favorite holiday: Thanksgiving and Christmas!

This has been a year that has “rocked” my world at so many deep levels that I find myself thankful in fresh ways and for things  I may have taken for granted before.  As I sit here to reflect on all that my heart is Thank-Filled for I feel a grand list coming on:

1.  The Joy in knowing that Heaven is a real place and that as family and friends we will TRULY gather together there again for a grand reunion. Chris, I know you are having a grand adventure, we’ll join you in the journey someday!

2.  For my family with all our uniqueness~ we have love for another and will stand in the gap for each other whenever the need arises. We have weathered challenges and losses and have linked arms to help each other through. My sisters are precious , each one creative and caring.  My brother in laws are good men, and each niece and Nephew ( and their wives) are beyond precious and I am so proud of who they are.

3. For my sons and their wives who are loving, kind, thoughtful, creative and hard-working people.  I am blessed that they are also my friends. I love Sushi, Catan, River walks, coffee dates, and spontaneous connections that always fill my cup!

4. For my parents who are counselors, friends, fellow Christ-followers, and mentors: oh how I love ever moment I get to spend making memories with them. Thankful for Canasta, painting, and weekly chats on the phone.

5.  Friends.  Oh my, what special friends we have, there would not be room to name them all or express their value in my (our) life but these “heroes” have filled our life with joy, support, encouragement, laughter, thoughtfulness, good advice, and many shared memories. Absolutely priceless!

6. For the work I have been able to do and for the leaders I have been privileged to serve. I have learned so much, cared deeply, watched great growth, and celebrated incredible wins with some fantastic leaders and my life is so rich because of them.

7.  For my church which is filled with lovely people.  The longer I attend, the more folks I get to know, the more my faith in the word “church family” is restored.  Our pastor is full of integrity and isn’t afraid to speak truth with compassion. Their love and support for my family this year has been so rich.

8.  For my husband Greg who is a dear friend and a leader I admire. Greg’s love for our children, extended family, our friends, and our community is admirable. I have observed Greg lead through times of calm and in a season of storms and have watched his integrity remain in tact. I look forward to watching him soar in the year ahead. I will be his cheerleader all along the way!

9. For a Savior who meets me in the middle of the night to dry my tears.  For a Savior who carries me when I am simply too weary, too hurt, too sad, or too confused to move forward. For a Savior who gives me opportunities to learn, to grow, to stretch, and to know His heart in so many fresh way.  But mostly, for a Savior who redeemed me, freely, and gives me fresh hope every day. I am over-whelmed by Him.

I am glad the Thanksgiving season gives me a chance to “LIST” my thankfulness; having done so today has filled my heart and reminded me that I am so rich.  Perhaps just the task of creating a list for yourself would give you  a fresh perspective, and a renewed sense of Thankfulness…

…..Joy comes in the Morning……….

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

5 thoughts on “Thank-Filled.

  1. Dianna ~ Thank you for this beautiful sentiment! You are a precious child of God ~ one who has touched so many lives in so many ways…we are thankful for dear friends like you woven in the tapestry of our lives.

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