What The Obituaries Miss~

Last week a dear friend of our family passed away while doing what he loved; working in his yard. “Red” Shugart lived a wonderful life and will be missed by those who knew him.  As I read his Obituary I realized that it really missed the essence of who he was.

“Maybern “Red” Shugart passed away in his home on Thursday. He was 86. Born in Retrop, Oklahoma, Mr. Shugart was the owner of Monument Lumber in Watsonville and was one of the founders of the Salsipuedes Little League where he became both league President and coach. He was also a board member of the Pajaro Rescue Mission and Monterey Bay Team Challenge and a long time member at Green Valley Christian Center where he held many positions over the years. He was an avid gardener and also a member of S.I.R’s (Senior’s in Retirement).Maybern is survived by his wife of 59 years, Adelaide Shugart…………..”

“Red” was a tall, hardworking man of character. He loved his wife and 2 sons and his grandchildren, loved to work in the yard, cared about his church and community.  “Red” was a faithful friend to many, generous with his finances, serious about his love for Christ, and had a sense of humor that could catch you off-guard.   He loved the old hymns and tolerated the new songs in church…if they weren’t too loud! Rumor has it that he had asked the choir director at church to turn the sound down because the choir’s songs would be too loud and when his request was denied he came to church in ear muffs!! 🙂    Red’s word was his bond, if he committed to something you could be certain he could be relied upon, and if he felt passionate about a need or cause he would step up to serve on a board or lend his financial support.

“Red” had a great laugh; I can still see his face when he would get tickled about something.  But he also has a serious side and strong feelings/ opinions about the things that mattered most to him.  “Red” was the faithful husband to his wife Adelaide for 59 years!  They were a team and their home was a place of hospitality; still hosting their small group on a regular basis until he passed away. “Red” Mayburn Shugart was a man of strength and character, someone whose life is weaved into the fabric of our lives over many years.  He will be missed but his legacy will live on.

These are the facts that the OBITUARIES miss when a life is expressed in a few short sentences. There is much more to a life than a list of achievements.  There is a story behind “the story”!!

As I ponder this thought I pray that when the Lord takes me home that my life would not be summed up by the “things” I did, but rather the “who” I impacted….Just like “Red”.

I wonder what “Red” will do if the heavenly choir gets a little to loud……………………………..

6 thoughts on “What The Obituaries Miss~

  1. Dianna – you hit the nail right on the head!! What a beautiful tribute to Red. I hope you give a copy of this to Adelaide. Do you have their address? Love you!

  2. You nailed it about those obituraries! When those wonderful people come into your life and then the paper sums it all up in one, or maybe two paragraphs…aaaarrgghhhhh! Thankful for you Dianna to have such a character, brother in Christ, that blessed your life and helped shape your heart! K

  3. Dianna,
    You are a wonderful writer. I feel your heart – and it’s good. Thanks for lifting up a man of character! Men of character like Red are what hold the fabric of our culture together no matter how hard compromise attempts to tear it apart. Your biggest Fan! G

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