Listening~~ the key to EVERY relationship in your life!!

Active Listening            Click here and print!! 🙂

When Greg and I entered perilous waters in our marriage we were sure we could not recover from our marriage challenges… then we were given a tool that rocked our world! I want to share that tool with you!


I am not going to write a big ol” blog about it!!

Rather, click in the Active Listening link –print it–use it–and watch your relationships grow and change. Here is a truth~~We all want to be heard, to feel valuable, and to hear the heart of those we love so GO FOR IT! 🙂

Grow~ Grow~ Grow~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Listening~~ the key to EVERY relationship in your life!!

  1. Great job on the responsive listening! Tom and I use it regularly with each other, and are now seeing it used with our kids. They don’t enjoy the time it takes to walk this out, but they really like feeling heard. I can see how this will help a ton as we enter the teens and emotional seasons with each one.

    • Thank you Karina–I KNOW you have seen the value of this tool–I, like you, pray that people will dive in and stretch in the area of real listening.
      To HEAR and to be HEARD~~ What a gift we choose to give.
      Love you friend! 🙂

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