Facing your Giants!

You want me to “WHAT”?  The Answer is “no”!

I have always lived a full life, a busy life. Yet, I have kept most of my activities on the “very safe” side! Even being married to a risk-taker and raising two active boys I managed to be firm about what I would and would not do.

Over the past two years I have been learning a great deal about “stretching” and being willing to try new things: roles, activities, challenges, etc.

One of my “Giants” has always been heights; another has been speed. My answer to every activity that involved these two challenges has always been “NO, Why would I do that”???

In this season of my life I am learning to say “why not?”   This is scary and remarkably freeing! 🙂

It’s easy to reflect well while sitting on a Lanai on the island of Kauai, but I have learned something amazing during our stay here.

I said YES to a Zipline Experience and saw views of a lifetime while feeling the exhilaration of simply “flying”.  I could have missed that!

I said YES to a crazy hike…

It was muddy, rocky, and at times dangerous BUT If I’d have said “NO” I would have missed a spectacular view!

I said YES to a small Helicopter flight ( talk about challenging someone with HEIGHT issues), and if I’d have said NO I would have missed the most beautiful sights my eyes have ever seen!

For me, learning to ask “why not?” has been good for me.  Have I had sweaty palms, a churning stomach, and anxiety???…Yep! But, each time I stepped into something fresh I found new freedom!

What about you?  As we turn the corner on the Winter season into the joy of Spring perhaps instead of asking yourself “why would I do that?” ….ask yourself “why not?”————Face those Giants! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Facing your Giants!

  1. D.sauce, what a grand experience! I’m so proud of you and jealous at the same time!! what’s my giant??? raising teenagers and asking God what is most important each day with a quiet heart, a quiet time in a quiet place. hugs to you, Karina

  2. Raising teenagers—no way you can be a coward and do that!! Enjoy the journey–it goes so fast and then………they are off……………but I gotta say adult children are quite precious too!! Sending you prayer and support! 🙂

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