No home of my own…..

After being a homeowner for over 20 years, my husband and I sold our home last June.  The home was quite large; as was the yard.  We had become  “empty nesters” and knew it was time to downsize~~ and so we did.  With a great sense of adventure we moved to the heart of the city and moved into a lovely condo.  The privacy of an internal front door, a heated downstairs garage, no yard to manage, and top of the line amenities.  We were home…………or were we???

One year later we realize how much we miss having a front door to open widely to welcome those we love, we want our very own 2-car garage to keep our personal things, we want a little dirt of our own to get our hands dirty and to watch the seeds we plant grow.  In 5 weeks we make a move to a new place with all those elements and we are grateful for what will be an easy transition due to the enormity of the downsizing we did last summer.

However, the process of feeling so transitional in our housing in this season has caused me to assess my own feelings about being a “renter” and the idea of having a home of my own.

So what is HOME?   something that is mine?  something I have the freedom to paint, change, or tear down if I want?  A place that has my official name on the paperwork?  Hmmmmm…….I have often thought that it was and so my emotions have felt a sense of uncertainty. What I love about the times I have to stop and consider these ideas  and feelings is that I am left seeing a much greater picture than I originally had.

In the past year have I opened my “home” to those I love?  Yes.  Have I gathered family for meals?  Yes.  Have I babysat children who left feeling loved and cared for?  Yes.  Have I cooked meals for friends in need?  Yes.  Have I spent precious time with my husband in laughter and devotions? Yes.  Have I created memories with our children and their wives? Yes.

So am I home?

As we transition to a new building, and to floor plan, and a new neighborhood…will I still be home?  Well, I say YES!

What I am learning in this season is that home is not a building and certainly not a mortgage, it is the atmosphere I create wherever I rest my head at night.

In this there is great freedom because I can be home anywhere.

In the year ahead I plan to laugh heartily, pray deeply, love richly, cook like crazy, welcome many, and create shared memories in my home; and I am excited!

C’mon over!!

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