…and when you Run, think of me!!

One of the best things about living in our condo are the wonderful, interesting, and courageous people we have had the privilege to meet during our stay.  One person in particular is a man in his 40’s who is a successful developer from the California Bay Area.  A few years ago, while enjoying a Mountain Bike ride Steve had a horrible crash and lost the use of all his limbs!  He was told he would never walk again.  Today, he drives and uses a unique pair of crutches that allow him to walk upright. He refuses to be bedridden!  Every day he uses his walker to get to a flight of stairs near the front door of the building where he uses all the energy in his faltering limbs to pull himself up the stairs in an effort to keep these limbs from atrophy.  Amazing!

A couple days ago I headed out for a run on the River Trail near my home.  As I headed to the front door Steve, exercising on the stairs, perked up and with a wonderful smile said, ” Are you going on a run, Dianna?  Oh man, I used to run!! I loved it! The smell of the  pavement, the feel of the wind in my hair…..oh how I miss running!! When you run, think of me!”…

As I closed the front door behind me the tears flowed down my cheeks as I realized again how extremely blessed I am.  I felt like I had been given a quick moment with God!  I felt so grateful for all I had in my life, and I was reminded how easy it is to take our blessings for granted!!

Will you join me in looking at your life with a grateful heart? Will you choose to be grateful for all your blessings rather than focusing on all the challenges that come your way?

Keep a “Grateful List” this week, focus on all you have rather than what you don’t have!! Choose Joy! 🙂

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