Lessons from Yosemite.

We had the  joy of going to Yosemite years ago and used that time to do some quality hiking! Some hikes were easier than others and some had views you just didn’t want to miss!

One trail promised a view to die for so we got to the trail early in the morning.  When we starting out, we walked on a paved surface, on that path we passed people of all ages and languages. We enjoyed views of the valley below as we meandered along at a leisurely pace. Eventually the pavement ended and the surface became a little more rocky, and a little steeper. By the time we had reached this point we were growing in our excitement to see the falls; we were committed to going all the way!!

Within a quarter mile the hike changed dramatically as the path led us up a path that caused us to climb nearly 1200 ft. in a one mile stretch! YES!! practically straight up! Well cut stone steps and handrails placed where needed were helpful to the journey ahead but there was no escalator; we had to place one foot in front of the other to get to the top!

About half the way up, feeling like my heart would beat right out of my chest, I had to remind myself of the value of the goal ahead of me. Did I really want to see the Falls, because I could just buy a postcard at the gift shop! Hmmmmm…….I could stop if I wanted to.  As I looked at the stair-step path in front of me I realized how much like “life” this hike truly was!

Every worthy goal requires steps.  If I want to grow in a new area of my life, achieve any new abilities, attain any lofty purposes , it will require steps that may often tax my will to stay the course.  I will have to decide along the way not allow myself the freedom to return to the way things have always been, or to stop short of the goals that I’ve longed to attain.

The commitment to continue the climb outweighed my pending fatigue and within minutes I could hear the rumble of the waterfall; this spurred me on.  Step by step got us closer to the top.

Peeking over the waterfall to the vast beauty of the Yosemite Valley had been worth every ounce of muscle it took to climb to see it!  Incredible.

Are there goals ahead of you that seem to be taking too long, expending more energy than you had anticipated, or that you simply find challenging to remain committed to?
Keep in mind the sense of satisfaction you will have if you stay the course and walk out the needed steps! Keep your goals where you can see them and march forward…the “view” will be wonderful!

5 thoughts on “Lessons from Yosemite.

  1. Dianna, Excellent Post! I agree that “every worthy goal requires steps” and usually difficult ones. Thank you for your insight. Appreciate you,


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    From: Dianna Salciccioli Reply-To: Dianna Salciccioli Date: Thursday, September 6, 2012 12:05 PM To: Administrator Saiciiccioli Subject: [New post] Lessons from Yosemite.

    WordPress.com salciccioli posted: “We had heard that Vernal Falls in Yosemite was a beautiful sight, just a short mile and half hike to see it! We had half a day to “play” in the valley this past weekend before a family wedding, so Greg and I decided to go take a look. When we start”

    • Thanks for your reply!! obviously you are a person who enjoys the outdoors and nature’s beauty! Go to Yosemite in the fall or Spring, in the summer there are way too many people. A bit like Disneyland! 🙂

      • Haha, cheers for the tip! We have the same problem over here with the Lake district. Sometimes you can go a crag hoping for some solitude to find there are a load of people already there!

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