The “C” Word~

My blog has been a place where I’ve openly shared experiences, challenges, and thoughts about life, leadership, family, and many other lifestyle topics.  I’ve often said to folks “if you want to know what’s been going on in my life just read my blog.” However, this past summer I’ve help something tightly, carefully, in order to give the necessary privacy that was needed.


I have learned that the words “CANCER FREE” are the GREATEST words in the world!

Over the past 4 months my father was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. My father responded with great hope and willingness to do what was necessary to partner with the doctors facing this challenge head on. My father is vibrant and healthy again today and our entire family is greatly relieved.

The “C Word” caused great turmoil in my soul as I worried, fretted, prayed, and then prayed some more for my precious father. Even though he was a real trooper it was rough to see him so vulnerable to the medical steps he needed to follow and to those administering them. To the medical professionals he was just another patient, but to his family he is our hero, our friend, our encourager, our Father!!! There were numerous times that I wanted to storm into the offices and make that very declaration!

One hour ago I learned of a dear friend who lost her battle with Cancer. Tami had fought a valiant fight. She was loved and will be deeply missed. I have lost many friends to the “C word”, as have thousands of people around the world. Thus, I must express how deeply grateful I am for my fathers health and healing. I am blessed for every moment I get to share with him. My appreciation for my time with him has heightened during these past few months!

I have no exquisite thoughts or answers for those facing cancer in themselves or a loved one, it’s a very personal challenge and people face it in their own ways. BUT~ I do realize more and more the value of time with those we love, so on that thought I must say one thing.  If you have the opportunity to spend time with those you love; simply make it a priority today!

The most important thing in life is making time for the people that matter, for the people you care about and that care about you. The hard fact is – when it comes down to it – people and relationships really are the most important things we have in life. Your life wouldn’t be “quality filled” if the people you loved weren’t a part of it…. from the family and friends we see on a regular basis – to the people who live far away, or live on different schedules…. its important to make time for all of them.

🙂   🙂   🙂

6 thoughts on “The “C” Word~

  1. Love your blog and that is what she was all about loving other people .. relationship.. it was a long fight for her, but God will come out showing others the light that she shined.. will miss her, but i do know she is celebrating being cancer free and no more pain.. it sure has given be prespective on how important people are and not things..

    • Yes Gail! Tami was a true friend, kind heart, and someone who could get you laughing so easily…she will be missed. Heaven is lucky today.
      People matter so very much! You are a great lady Gail!

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