Will you really be here for the holidays?

I love this time of year as I gear up for all of my favorite holidays in the coming months.  I anticipate celebrations with friends and family, parties to host and attend, gifts to purchase, wrap, and deliver, & lots of food to prepare. I know it will be a full season of wonderful variables.

However, in the midst of a busy holiday season I am still working, writing, and carrying on with all the responsibilities I normally have on a day to day basis. I face the question; “How can I be fully present in this season rather than being so task driven that I actually miss the valuable moments that come my way? Every year I hear myself saying, “Goodness, the holidays went by so fast!

Whether you’re feeling totally overwhelmed or slightly frustrated as you anticipate the holiday season ahead, it’s easy to lose perspective about what’s most important and valuable to you–your relationships!

Truth is we all spend most of our time in the past or the future, rather than the present moment. What we end up doing is passing through today’s moments on the way to somewhere else and, in doing so, we miss the present moment. That’s how these meaningful memories can end up passing us by!

Benefits of Being in the Moment

  1. Increased enjoyment: We will find that we enjoy life more if we’re fully present rather than having our minds elsewhere. Food tastes better, I have more fun with my family, work is more enjoyable, and laughter is sweeter when I experience them UN-distracted!
  2. Reduced stress. Worrying about the past and future can give us stress. Choosing to give ourselves permission to slow down and focus on “Today” can alleviate the stress of past regrets and the uncertainties of the future.
  3. Better relationships. When we really commit ourselves to being with someone, to listening to them,we are being a better family member, friend, teammate, and even spouse. We have better conversations. We bond with those around us!

“Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories.” — Cathy Allen

Enjoy the coming months to the fullest. Slow down and intentionally choose not to be so “busy-minded” but rather give yourself permission to be fully present each day!

…and may this be a very special Holiday season for you!

6 thoughts on “Will you really be here for the holidays?

  1. Dianna, I like your encouragement to be present in the holiday season, because it’s so true that relationships are what matter most.

    Do you have practical tips for accomplishing this? For some, the mere idea of being more present may loom as the largest to-do on her list, as in, “How can I add being real and connecting to people to what I’m already doing?” For these ladies, multitasking simply isn’t an option–she can’t seem to play hostess AND have a meaningful conversation. And some ladies may feel they use up all their energy pretending to be cheerful during the holidays when something’s paining them inside. I’m sure there are other scenarios we women face as we enter November. How can we encourage ourselves and our friends to be more present each day?

    • Dear Nana~
      I love your good good questions. I don’t have answers that will fit everyone but I have learned in my life and working with others that we must give ourselves the freedom to asses honestly whether or not we need to maintain ALL the “required” events and activities we have engaged in over the years. For instance, if the holidays are a sadder time for you then it would be wise to limit the amount of social events you feel you must do. It IS ok to simply say no thank you. In doing so you could place a cup-filling, meaningful activity instead that lifts the blues. For some the whole Christmas card tradition almost unhinges them. Well, don’t send one ( WHAT???) rather wait till the first of the year and send out a New Year update to those you know. Mostly, there are those activities we MUST do, then those we COULD do, and those WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE, and then those we WOULD LIKE TO BEGIN….
      The holidays are busy but if we allow ourselves to truly establish what we want the season to look like for us and our families then it’s key to sift through the categories above and begin to STOP somethings, learn to say NO to some invitations, lay down some of the things we have always done ( baking goodies for everyone on the block!! etc), and simply let there be margins in the schedule to catch your breath and enjoy learning to be a little more PRESENT this year….hope this helped a little! 🙂

      • Dianna, thank you! These are good recommendations for all the women I know, myself included. Separating the MUST, COULD, have ALWAYS done & would like to BEGIN into categories–this will certainly bring clarity to many. Thanks for these practical ideas.

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