A Care~Filled Christmas.


After sharing a wonderful evening with one of my marvelous daughter-in-laws we began talking about the holiday season and the many people we knew who were facing harsh challenges at this time.

The holidays don’t always represent joy and laughter for everyone. For some it can be a hardship financially, relationally, and emotionally. So how can we truly care for those facing a difficult Christmas season? How can we be be a blessing, make a difference, even if the can’t fix the challenge others are facing?

Well, if we are willing to take a “care-filled” approach to the month of December, if we chose to be mindful of those around us, there will be numerous opportunities to be an encouragement.

For instance;  a smile, a card, a coffee date, a meal, visit to an elderly person who is alone, cleaning a house for an overwhelmed mother, babysitting for a couple who “need” a date, choosing to purchase gifts for the many community “giving trees”, or showing appreciation for those who serve us all year; teachers, mail-workers, hairstylist. These soft touches mean a lot!

Perhaps you have the capacity to do something to actually impact the challenges others may be facing; pay an electric bill, buy groceries for an empty pantry, or give a single mom enough help to provide “Christmas” for her kids.

Take a little inventory and ask yourself if there could be something you could do to celebrate the holidays in a “Care-Filled” way……..If you do you could run the risk of having the most satisfying Christmas you have ever known. The fact is that even if you are one of those who are struggling, choosing to be a blessing where you can will bring you joy and lift the “blues” away!

Happy “Care-filled ” holidays to each and every one of you! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Care~Filled Christmas.

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