The greatest treasures of all.


As a young girl I imagined my future family; little girls running around my house making “girl noises” with pink clothes everywhere!  I have 5 sisters, love them all, so a family full of girls was all I knew to anticipate.

Imagine my surprise when my OB/GYN looked at me and said ” You and Greg are having a boy~~~not once, but twice! Nathan and David Salciccioli…..they make my heart sing.

God is so great to allow us to serve Him, to partner with Him to love and care for so many incredible people as we walk out the precious days of our lives. I have appreciated all the roles I have had the joy to fulfill throughout my life! However, the role I have loved the most is: MOM.

Often in my coaching career I talk with my leaders about using their time to put their “fingerprints” (their efforts) where it is most importantly needed; for me it was always my family.

I felt compelled to use this week’s blog to talk about my kids because they inspire me!!  When I talk with my boys I am constantly thinking that I want to be more like them when I grow up!  🙂

Nate and Dave’s courage, honesty, compassion, passion, ability to question and challenge the status quo, love for others, and love for their precious brides astounds me and challenges me.

If I found that my life was to be over shortly, that my time on earth was done~~ I would have no regrets because I know for sure I chose to pour all I had into the Greatest Treasures of All!!

Life can surely offer so many wonderful distractions; be certain you place your efforts on those things that mean so much to you…………..  🙂

Where do your FINGERPRINTS matter the most?? have no regrets…..

2 thoughts on “The greatest treasures of all.

  1. I loved this today Dianna. You know, about 5 years ago when I met one of the most important men in you life, Greg, he asked me if I was a mom. I said no because at that time I was not in a relationship that supported that path. He looked at me and said “being a parent is the most important role we ever play in life” and I believe him, That conversation stuck with me and still does. I love to hear about the love you have for your boys (and for their brides – you finally get those girls you wanted as well). Thanks for the beautiful post. xoxox KK

  2. Kristen~ Thank you for your thoughts. I do have the girls I always wanted now, you are correct! 🙂 Every niece or nephew, friends children, or children you will meet in the future are blessed to know you & and have benefited from your huge heart….you enrich their lives greatly!

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