It’s all a matter of perspective~

Every one of us sees life though our own personal filter.  Our past experiences, hurts, persuasions, faith, and traditions can lead us to come to conclusions in our minds about people or situations around us.   Remember the saying ” there are two sides to every story?”.  It’s true.

Sometimes we come to conclusions or judgements based on what we “think we see”.  However, when seeing a picture of a small iceberg we may fail to recognize  the magnitude of what’s truly there.  Remember the Titanic?


All of us interact with people and information daily and I imagine we all want to have good clarity and clear understanding. However, sometimes we are too close to the situation to have a balanced perspective.  The statement ” you cannot see the forest for the trees”  expresses this challenge.  Google Earth is so interesting because it can give you a macro perspective and yet also visually take you to a specific address on the planet! Very cool!  Yet, this exemplifies 2 very different perspectives.

Perhaps this year, before we find ourselves making “snap judgements” or coming to conclusions about people or situations too hastily we could take a little extra time to gather fresh information, look through a new lens, and seek to be mindful that we may not have all the information needed; there just might be elements we simply do not see.

images 2

People who look through keyholes are apt to get the idea that most things are keyhole shaped.  ~Author Unknown

Enjoy a fresh perspective today!! 🙂

Proverbs 18:15 says:  Intelligent people are always eager and ready to learn.

4 thoughts on “It’s all a matter of perspective~

  1. love the iceberg picture!! Each season in our lives brings new perspectives. Who doesn’t remember how we felt about parenting before we lived with our kids 24/7? Perhaps I am not the only one to need to let go of past viewpoints and prejudices that could negatively affect current situations and people. Isn’t it great that our heavenly father sees us as forgiven and greatly loved – his perspective towards us is amazing!

  2. Here I lay in front of the fire, feet up batteling a head cold and just exhausted. I read the beauty of your words and the glowing iceberg as a reminder to slow down and take the time to realational to all I can. I feel so blessed the last few weeks to have heard the sweet chirping of a hummingbird, God’s gift so small I spot every January traveling to the mysterious google earth God has given us. Ah the simple beauty for us to enjoy every day. Thank you.

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