Lean in and Be Brave~~


Ok~~ I have been devouring the book “Lean In” written by the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg.  Sheryl generously and honestly expresses the reality of the in-equality still rampant in our business community between men and women.  Her experience resonates with mine. The difference between us is that she has worked in the business world and I have primarily served in the Ministry world.

Sadly–the way women are treated, respected, and paid in ministry is hugely different than their male counterparts. Not in all organizations but many. It hurts me to see this. It hurts me to know this because I see the incredible value that healthy, talented women bring to a team!

Unless women are willing to engage in honest conversations, are brave enough to express their gifts, and challenge the staus quo~~nothing will change!  It is not a sign of rebellion nor is it a “women’s Lib” response for women to assert their wisdom, insight, and ideas to make a church, a team, or a family better!

Women bring a unique set of gifts to the “table” that make a team better.  She will see the relational needs, recognize missed opportunities, and bring keen insight to team decisions IF SHE IS GIVEN INFLUENCE AT THE “TABLE”!

Quite often, if a woman has real passion for the vision of her team she will serve above and beyond the hours she is paid~~ so is she only worth “her Pay”? or should all she brings to the team be “monetized”?

I have been anxious to address this in my blog because my main audience is filled with amazing women who already recognize this challenge.  So, I am being brave to say I’m sitting at the table, I will pursue excellence, and I will “Lean In” to bring about good and needed change as a woman for women.

I choose to be brave and respectful.  Join me!! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lean in and Be Brave~~

  1. Being brave…”Leaning In”…..pressing on…& stepping up! Unashamedly…unapologetically…with HUGE FAITH…and with much anticipation holding my hands out to receive what could possibly be used to turn East Texas upside down!! LET’S GO!!! 😃

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