Mother love is a “crazy kinda love”~

Years ago when our sons were younger we took a family trip to Orlando where we spent some time at the Universal Studios Theme Park.  Back in “those days” a show call Fear Factor was really popular.  Because of the shows popularity the theme park had a live show with a large audience on site.  Greg and our sons thought it would be fun to audition to be on the show that day; they thought it would an adventure to do one of the challenging physical acts!  I was supportive of their idea and thought it would be fun to watch them do something fun like this!


We arrived at the auditions on time and learned that the guys were actually too tall to participate in the physical challenges BUT the show producers did have a couple other challenges for the family. The only catch was that MOM needed to be a part of the show! What?  Um…I don’t think so!  But I have a crazy kinda love for my family and said that I would be a part as long as my role did not include bugs!!

Greg and David were offered to be in a competition against another father and son to “drink” down a horrid mixture of worms, old milk, and other awful ingredients!  Oh yes, they were up for the challenge!!

As for my option, well, you see there was this chair with a plastic box where I was to sit.  My hands would be strapped to the chair, my eyes would be covered, my head encased inside the plastic box. There was a large spinning wheel that the host of the show would allow my oldest son Nate to spin.  Around the wheel there were pictures of snakes, spiders, worms, scorpions, etc.


My sons involvement hinged on my agreeing to participate~~ that crazy kinda Mother love kicked in again and I heard myself say “Yes”!!  Greg and Dave went on to win their competition and received the cheers of the crowd and a plastic  I Ate A Bug Mug.  I, on the other hand enjoyed a crown of scorpions with my son cheerfully looking on!


Being a mom is such a gift. Sometimes there are challenges, tears, and discipline. Sometimes there is joy, celebration, and shared fun memories. Being a mom has brought me such incredible joy!

I wish a rich blessing to all mom’s who have also loved deeply and stretched way beyond their comfort zone simply because of their Crazy kinda Mother love!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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