People Of Influence~



I remember as a young girl, I idolized people of influence!! Amazing Speakers, teachers, and evangelists who rocked the pulpit!! They could draw people to tears, real life change, and to new vision!  I was nervous in their presence, I imagined they were nothing less than perfect~ simply put, amazing people!!

Then~~ I grew up.

My life at this time gives me the privilige of rubbing shoulders with amazing influencers.  What I am loving is that they aren’t perfect and don’t express that they are.  I love that they humbly give the glory to God, and are honest about the challenges they face! Those who lead with arrogance and pride don’t stand the test of time…..sad but true.   But those who lead and love like Billy Graham…..well, they finish well and have lasting impact!

May we all lead and love with a humble heart, dependant on God, and ready to extend our reach beyond the borders of our imagination!!  Real people of influence are…well…..real!  Love it!

How real are you? Risk authenticity, and soar! 🙂

2 thoughts on “People Of Influence~

    • Actually~ I do. Here’s why. When the chasm between words and behaviour gets wider and wider a leader knows but may not address it, it often shows up as arrogance and control. In the same way when the chasm between words and behaviour is slim a leader tends to be both more confident and humble. I’ve seen it over and over and over again………

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