In case I forget to say “thank you”~~


People.So many precious people have helped me to become who I am today.

Recently I have been reminiscing about my life.  Being a grandma can cause that! I have been thinking about the many, many wonderful people who have been in my life over the years helping me to become the person that I am today. And, I am so grateful.

I am grateful for my Sunday School teachers that I had as a child; through their loving committment and stories on the felt board, I learned the stories in the Bible from the creation of the world to the resurrection of my precious Saviour!

As I reflect I am reminded of the many, many people who poured into my life over the years; especially my early “formative years”, I am overwhelmed.  It took their time, effort, patience, and talents to pour “life” into me.

I am grateful for my Youth Group leaders who helped me navigate the challenges of being a teen; prayed for me, and spoke life into my insecure soul.  For you it might have been a job; for me it was my salvation.

I am grateful to amazing college professors who were willing to challenge my “status quo” and help me to see life, God, and my future with greater vision! You took me from a passive student to a Baccalaureate speaker with a big vision for the future! I am forever grateful!!

 As an adult, I am grateful for friends brave enough to challenge me, pray with me, encourage me, and speak into my life!  You may never know how deep your impact has been; but I do. You have been a gift from God to me!!

Then my heart turns toward the family God has given me.  Your love, patience, humor, and support is irreplaceable and priceless. Without my Mother, Father, Sisters, Brothers in Law, nieces, and nephews, I know my life would have such a different story.  You are such a rich part of my life story and I deeply value you.

Then I ponder on the influence and impact of my husband and sons ( and their amazing brides). Without all of you; I wouldn’t stretch as much as I have.  You make me want to grow and live a life that honors all that is good and wholesome!

Little Scout Jubilee~ Your very existence strengthens my resolve to have good priorities and to live a life that makes you proud of your Mimi.  Thank you Sweet Pea!

And finally–but not least–my Savior who chose me,, sanctified me, healed me, raised me up, and led me. You are the greatest influence of all.  You have led me down roads I could never have imagined. You have blessed me beyond my wildest dreams, and you have help me navigate situations and events that, without you, would have taken me out!!

Today, my heart needed to simply say “thanks”. I am eternally grateful for everyone who has impacted my life! Thank you!!!


2 thoughts on “In case I forget to say “thank you”~~

  1. Dianna, thank YOU for the amazing, powerful impact you have had upon me and , by extension, my family and company! Your leadership counsel and practical encouragement and accountability are priceless.

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