Unforeseen Challenges~



We have an interesting situation at our house.  Our home has huge windows facing out to our backyard; behind the fence in the yard is a grouping of trees that serve as a “gathering place” for a multitude of birds.  Early in the morning my husband and I often comment that the birds are holding “church services” back there!

Here’s the sad challenge~ daily I hear one or two loud noises as a bird, flying confidently through its day, slams into my window and falls to the ground.  Sometimes, after they get their bearings, they cautiously fly away. Sometimes they die.  I am so sad every time!! Outside of putting decals all over my picture windows; I can’t save them from this unforseen challenge!

As always, these situations give me reason to ponder and find the truth about life in the experience. Today I realized that just like the birds, there are times we are just going along with our daily routines and WHAM!  We find we have hit an unforseen challenge! Didn’t see it coming!!  Couldn’t have avoided it!! Didn’t necessarily cause it!!  We were just “flying along”!

  Matthew 10: 29-31 reminds us of this truth; “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 3 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

God doesn’t promise deliverance from all pain. He does not always intervene to keep us far from hurt or harm. But in the times when we do hurt, He comforts us in the midst of our troubles.

Sometimes He bolsters us through the kindness of others. Sometimes He brings a sense of peace that we could never conjure up on our own. Sometimes, through a glimpse of beauty or a well-timed word of encouragement, he reassures us that we’re going to be okay, that we are loved.  He is near.

My prayer is that when you face unforeseen challenges you will experience the hand of God lovingly nudging you back on your feet just as I do when these little birds hit my window. May you sense His sadness for your hurt and know His desire to see you fly again!  🙂

7 thoughts on “Unforeseen Challenges~

  1. Everytime I take the time to read your blog posts, I’m always left with deep thought and moments of ahha…..your writing penetrates deeply and I love that about you!! Always write my friend, you have a blessed gift to share such Biblical insight into our everyday lives.

  2. Thank you Dianna for this great reminder! In my role, I daily encounter unforeseen challenges. I find that when I begin my day with devotions and prayer, I am more successful at navigating through the choppy waters. As I write, I am preparing for what I know will be a difficult, critical conversation tomorrow morning! I will keep the word picture of the bird hitting the window in my mind and ask God for wisdom and grace as I try to achieve the best outcome possible.

  3. Dianna, this is such a great visual for me. I, too, experience the birds morning ritual and now will always be reminded of your life application of this image. Birds see beauty in the mirage of the reflection of the glass windows, and fly cluelessly into it. We often see things of desire and temptation that allure us in their direction, only to be “bonked” in the head with warning signs, red flags, or caution lights. Only with God’s compass, can we maneuver to see the forest through the trees, and see His reflection, and not any false illusions that cause us to fall flat on our faces! Love you, friend. Joan

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