Conflict–it happens…




Conflict happens……….ugh!  even amongst the most amazing, professional, creative, and caring people!!

In thinking about conflict there are 6 points to consider!!

Be careful not to interfere in haste.  It’s important not to take sides in conflict any more than is necessary!  If the conflict isn’t a vision issue, and it seems to be resolving on its own, it is best to allow the process to take its course. When the leader gets involved in conflict, it takes on a new life, it can heighten the conflict. I may make it worse!

Listen carefully. There is always two sides o fa conflict. And each side may have valid points. It’s important that I hear not only what is said, but also what is unspoken. That takes asking questions, getting to know the members of a team, and not assuming I know what people are thinking simply by what they say!! Not all behaviour styles express themselves openly, may have to dig a little deeper. Understanding the basis of conflict and the opposing viewpoints is critical to understanding the conflict.

Communicate. During times of conflict, it’s even more important that communication be clear and consistent. Many times, conflict happens due to a lack of clarity or miscommunication. Information often makes conflict easier to resolve. As a leader, part of my responsibility is making sure the team communicates effectively.

Discern the real issue. Conflict develops for a number of reasons; not all of them good. Conflict develops over power struggles, weak leadership or even personality differences. Discerning the nature of the conflict, and if there is a root issue (often unspoken or undefined), can help avoid trying to solve the perceived conflict, when the real issue is something completely different. Having the DISC of these leaders in front of you does help in navigating how they are filtering the conflict!

Monitor impact. As I said, conflict in and of itself is not bad, it can create good growth, but it is important to be mindful that conflict doesn’t begin to harm the unity of the team!! When individuals begin to attack each other personally, act in anger, or distract from team progress, it’s time for the leader to interfere. You just have to step up and help bring a resolve,the clients we are serving deserve this!!

Vision. Ultimately, my job as a coach, is to maintain the integrity of the vision.  To help leaders finish well!! Conflict can enhance or interfere with attaining the vision. My job is to continually help the team to keep the big picture in mind!!

Don’t be afraid of conflict on a team. Good leaders learn to manage it for the overall good of the team.

Leader, how do you manage conflict on your team?

Be willing to address and engage when team members could be a great opportunity to stretch and grow!! It could be……………

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