What to do with the Naysayers in your life~



a person who says something will not work or is not possible : a person who denies, refuses, is cynical, or opposes things before they support or investigate them.


We all have naysayers “around” our lives.  If not, you will!!  Anytime you dream big, try something new, stretch beyond your boundaries, or make a big risk for the sake of others!!  They will come out of the woodwork, you watch! Unfortunately, naysayers have little to add to a conversation other than endeavoring to extinguish your hopes, dreams, and excitement!!

Let me explain where I’m coming from and why the thought of the impact of naysayers is on my mind!!  A month ago there was a huge campaign for Lou Gehrig’s Disease called the “Ice Bucket Challenge” that netted $41.8 million dollars in contributions to fund research for the disease! Well, here they came; flooding out of the woodwork!! In several articles I read their words, ” It’s gimmicky, a hazard to your health.  The Ice Bucket Challenge misses the point, supports testing on innocent animals, bring attention-getters to social media…blah, blah, blah!!  Do you have a loved one dying with Lou Gehrig’s Disease?  If you did, you would not choose to be a naysayer but rather, you would be a champion of the cause!  I have some dear friends who fight this disease every single day; it’s personal.  However the funds are raised is just fine with me!! The fact that the fund-raiser went viral is phenomenal!! The funds raised will make a difference! Yeah, Ice Bucket Challenge!!!


This past week one of our favorite Pastors became “homeless”…living on the streets to bring awareness to the plight of those who find themselves homeless. Pator Rick also wanted to raise money for organizations that provide shelter and food to the homeless during the cold winter months!  Eric Knopf, In his Facebook article ” Why doing something good can be so difficult” says,

“Having a pastor of one of the largest churches become a homeless man had a very high chance of coming across insensitive and degrading to those who are permanently homeless. The entire campaign likely could have been resoundingly rejected as being in poor taste.

Pastor Rick Cole had a lot to lose: The support of thousands of his own congregants; a viral firestorm of criticism on social media; rebuke from organizations supporting the homeless near and far; and public humiliation that would mar his entire career in the local and faith communities. One thing was for sure… if this was a failure, Rick Cole would lose his reputation in the city forever.

The concern of naysayers weighed on his heart and mind as he courageously stepped forward and committed 100% to raising $100,000.00 in one week!  As of this very moment he has raised $94,639.00!!!!  In committing to this audacious dream, Pastor Rick Cole had to abandon fear of public criticism; all the naysayers!!


This past week my husband Greg, wrote a great article on relationships!

“There will always be a few people in our lives who are consistently negative or challenging. The key to our success is to surround ourselves with a Core Group of relationships that challenge us to be better. Not many of us would consciously place an intentional roadblock in our way and yet, we don’t often evaluate how our relationships might be hindering us. I am not suggesting that success and happiness lies in abandoning relationships that are hard. But we do need to be careful to limit access and in some cases eliminate relationships that are toxic.”
Naysayers have their own agenda; their own filter. Often they feel they must sound the alarm or rescue those who are living “outside the lines, dreaming too big, or engaging in something audacious.”  They may see themselves as the voice of reason.  Consider what they say but never, ever let them rob you of your passion, vision, or dreams!! Never ever!!
Life is short!! Dream big, live courageously, and make a huge difference!!  Pray for the naysayers but don’t bring them into your inner circle!! 🙂  Live large, live brave!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “What to do with the Naysayers in your life~

  1. Dianna, it is amazing how you pack such wisdom, encouragement and empowerment into each blog! Enjoyed Greg’s post on Relationships as well. Thank you both!

  2. That’s awesome… For me right now this applies to my health and medical provider. I want to avoid another c section and deliver via VBAC… So choosing a provider and medical staff, who support it 110% is a big deal.

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