The Watchman~


If you regularly read my blog than you know that my living room at home has 2 huge picture windows that face towards my backyard.  My backyard is surrounded with trees that regularly host hundreds of birds; eating and chatting! 🙂  The problem is that those lovely trees and my big picture windows simply don’t mix!  Over the past year I have easily scooped up 25 dead birds who assumed my windows were simply an easy way through the house! Uh~Oh!!  I have found this incredibly distressing; feeling helpless to stop this senseless harm.

Someone told me that I needed to put some kind of “bird of prey” in a visible place in my yard and that if I set it there as a “Watchman” then the birds would not feel free to enter my yard.  I couldn’t believe that this could work, but while shopping with my sister we found a big Owl with even bigger eyes; I proceeded to set it on a large table in my yard.  Since that day I’ve NOT found one bird harmed in my yard, not one! Having a presence more powerful standing guard let the birds know that this was not a choice they had the freedom to make!

This past weekend one of the pastors’ at my church did an excellent teaching on Spiritual Warfare; I have been thinking about the teaching all week.  As I looked out the window as my snow-covered owl the Lord spoke clearly to my heart.  What He was helping me to understand that as His child He stands guard as the “Watchman” over my life.  I may hear the enemy, even know that he is exist, but no enemy has the freedom to come into my “yard”.   Psalm 121:7 says,  ” The LORD will keep you from all harm– he will watch over your life;” !! I love this and the confidence it brings!!       

How about you? have you forgotten that you have protection that goes before you?  Have you worried about the enemy’s challenges, felt helpless?   Here is the truth: Greater is He than is IN us then he that is in the world! 1 John 4:4


May you be encouraged today!

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