She misses him~


Today was a typical pre-Christmas day~~ busy with errands, shopping, baking, and wrapping; my brain even felt busy!  As I pushed my shopping cart through a store packed with people moving slowly, I tried to find the best route to get my shopping done; to rush off to the next errand.  Then she began talking to me.

She said, ” I love your boots, you look so nice; so happy.”  She gave me a wink and said ” you must have a sweet man to love you!”  This 80-year-old lady in old sweats and disheveled hair then said, ” I used to have someone but he passed away; you would have loved Arthur.”

My mind was racing as I realized I was taken aback by her boldness with me and I was feeling the pinch of my tight schedule…….do I engage in what could be a long conversation? Then I heard myself say, “tell me about your Arthur.”  And there we stood for about 30 minutes while Gloria told me all about Christmas’s gone by: parties she and Arthur used to host, food they used to cook, and gifts they used to exchange. She misses him.

Before we two strangers went on our own ways we were able to share a hug and wish one another a Merry Christmas.  I watched her walk away with a sense of sadness but I was also feeling a full heart; I felt like I knew her Arthur and I would have really liked him.

Another amazing reminder to give extra care to those around us during the holidays; we never know who really needs to be heard; for someone to care.


8 thoughts on “She misses him~

  1. Dianna, I love that you gave your time and love to a stranger who needed your special touch. Sure love your heart,

    Your Arthur,


    Greg Salciccioli President & Executive Coach Coachwell Inc.

    Direct: 541.728.0511 Cell: 541.390.3841 Office: 541.728.0601 E: W:

    Coachwell Inc. PO Box 5005 Bend, OR. 97708

  2. Similar thing happened to me, a few months ago. An older man asked me to help him pick out a hand soap… I was in a rush too! He told me that his wife used to buy one for him, but she was hit by a car on a way to church, one Sunday morning… On he went… I didn’t mind listening to him- can you imagine such tragedy and loneliest of a lifelong partner being gone? My heart hurts for that …

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