What Mattered Most~~



As a little girl I would be giddy the week before Christmas! The anticipation of our family traditions would cause me to lay awake at night; so excited, sleepless! I knew our stockings would be on the hearth Christmas morning filled with an Orange, Whitman’s Chocolate, a book of Lifesavers, and other wonderful trinkets that any little girl would love!  I knew there would be a gift or two for me that my mom would have picked out ( letting my dad know what she had chosen) especially for me.  I knew we would have a wonderful breakfast with cinnamon roles !!

However, the experience that meant the most to me was something completely different from what I would receive. I credit my amazing parents for this!  The week before Christmas our parents would take we girls shopping for those in our “neighborhood” who were financially or physically challenged.

Off we would go to Woolworth’s to purchase toys, home needs, and warm clothes that would bless those who were in need!  Later at home we would anonymously wrap the gifts and put them in a large box.  Around 8pm Christmas Eve we would excitedly pile into the car and head to the homes of those with whom we had prepared a surprise!! Pulling up to their home, we would quietly sneak up to the porch, place the box quietly down, ring the bell and RUN!!!

I remember the family with the severely retarded son due to measles or the blind man living in a barn with about 10 cats……..they just needed hope; joy!

The feeling of JOY was huge for us all. To be in a position to make a difference, to meet a need, to cause someone to smile, meant the world to us!!

Perhaps your family could make a difference in your neighborhood.  Perhaps you could build this sweet tradition into your own family. IF you are in a position to make a difference~~ do it!! Your children will watch and learn from you!! This is the true spirit of Christmas–Christ came to give…………………….

Merry Christmas to you all~~ wishing you incredible joy!!

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