Abundantly Grateful~


Today when I awoke from my soft, comfy bed I made my way to the kitchen for a cup of warm coffee.  I sat down in a quiet space and picked up my Bible, which I am free to leave sitting on my coffee table~ I read and prayed freely.

Later in the day I drove on safe roads while I made my way to a grocery store with an incredible assortment of groceries; never once did I have to fight anyone for the “last” of any item.  So many choices.

Towards afternoon I had the freedom to enjoy a few television shows without having government control what I could watch; even read a fun magazine freely. Not once did I fear for my safety today!


Today I didn’t wake up in a worn-torn area where bedding and warmth are impossible to find.  I did not have to drink dirty water out of an old plastic container because there is nothing else available.

Today I didn’t have to rummage for a few pages I had found from an old bible; hiding away in a dark corner just to read their words of life; praying not to get caught.

Today I did not have to walk to the old dump to rummage for bits and pieces of edible food along with many others without viable ways to feed their families.

Today I wasn’t inundated with Government rants and photos of leaders plastered on every large building wall. I wasn’t warned that if I wasn’t 100% compliant with my Government I would stand the chance of losing my life.

This is why I am thankful to be an American.  Though we are not a perfect nation and we are continually challenged with ongoing issues; we are still enjoying so many freedoms that others around the world would never dare to dream for!

This 4th of July~ I am abundantly grateful for those who fought for my freedom.

One thought on “Abundantly Grateful~

  1. Everything you said is absolutely so true. Unfortunately, so many do not realize this, or we tend to forget and take for granted our freedoms. Good to be reminded.
    I am proud to be an American. Love the song with that title. Makes me cry when I hear it sung.

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