Entering Eternity~


As you may know my blog thoughts are always pulled from profound (and sometimes simple) lessons that I learn from real life. That being said, I have sat on this blog as I reflect on the passing of a good man……a great man….and the impact of his life on me personally.

Steve Stern passed away triumphantly this week gaining a free body in the process.  We are all so joyfilled by that knowledge; yet we are saddened that he ever had to fight the beast ALS at all!! So joy and sadness collide!

There is no justice that I could ever do to honor his passing than to lead you to the last blog post of his amazing and courageous bride.  So, I will direct you to her blog– let her thoughts simmer in your soul as you consider the end of your life and the difference between a hope in salvation and eternity, and an end without it.

There is a profound difference.  A precious life is not longer with us BUT his legacy, his impact will be endless–you just watch! God trusted him with ALS.

Please read~ it will rock your spirit!

On The Day You Flew

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