Just a little bit of fertilizer!


The other day I had an interesting conversation with my son Nate.  He has a sweet outdoor space in California where he grows herbs, roses, and other lovely plants!  This kind of space is at a premium in California!!

He talked with me about how he had found these amazing plant vitamin stakes that could enrich the plants on a regular basis according to their size.  As we chatted, he told me how– when he had extra vitamins –he would pour them on an old, fruitless Rose bush.  To his amazement this rose-bush began to produce fresh buds!! Who would have imagined that this old bush could be revitalized!!

Then I said–Nate!!! there is a spiritual truth in this!!!  As Humans, our spirit longs to be connected to our creator!  As we navigate our lives we can invite Him in or we can choose to make it on our own!  What every individual will find is that after a long season without “fertilizer” –God’s word and His presence we will feel and look dried up–fruitless!

However, as we begin to pour fresh vitamins into our souls–the Word of God, Worship, and powerful teaching~ we will begin to be , encouraging, and fruit-filled. It’s a natural consequence to being connected ( fertilized) by God!

Starving? dying? fruitless?  Spend time with the One who can fill your soul! Bear fresh fruit! be revitalized again! It’s time, my friend~ 🙂

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