If today was your last…..


Whenever I lead a Life Plan Event I ask the amazing women in attendance to write their epitaph ~ to think about their life “as if” they had no more days remaining!  This is a very emotional journey. How do I want to be remembered VS. how WILL I actually be remembered?

Women, I have learned, really want to be remembered as being kind, loving, and impacting.  However, I often hear that the tyranny of the urgent can rob them of actually being the person they want to be!!

If you were to write your epitaph, what would it say and how could you fill the gap between how you WANT to be remembered and how you WILL be remembered?

Take a moment of “quiet” and write down your thoughts.  If today was your last day what would/could you change to get closer to the person you truly are?  what would you try?  Who would you reconcile with? Who would you forgive?  Who might you contact? Where might you finally go?

Seize the moment, use your days well and BE the person that leaves a legacy that you desire!  Start today, start fresh!! 🙂

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