People Watching~


I am on vacation on Kauai–I spent last week on Maui!  This is just a tiny blog to share what I have observed!


I can log onto my Facebook and Twitter once or twice a day BUT I have watched so many folks texting, making calls, FaceBooking, and Twittering while enjoying the warm sands of the beach or a view to die for!!!

While children cry out for their parents attention they are told to wait until they “finish what they are doing…”…..we are on Kauai!!!!

So, if you have told your family you are on vacation, IF you have said “this is our day”, if you are on a date–unplug!!  Be present, and enjoy those you love!! Today, start today!!


One thought on “People Watching~

  1. Oh, I couldn’t agree more….. we all have become so addicted to FOMO (fear of missing out), but as you so clearly pointed out, we’re actually missing out on the precious moment of actually “being fully present” in the here and now that we’ll never get back.

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