I cried again today~



Grief is an interesting beast.  Grief sneaks up on us through a smell, a look, a song, or even in dreams.  Experiencing “loss” is something we will all endure in our lives causing us all to walk through different levels of grief.

Today I saw that People Magazine wrote a short story about my nephew who was taken from us over 5 years ago.  It was tough to see the story in print. I cried.

During the first year of grief I was sad and angry at God for having this sadness as part of our family’s story.  How?? Why??  I raged inside.  I cried a lot. Then God began to speak to my heart; asking me to trust him with the questions and the grief ~ He is so good. But the tears would still fall.

Over the years I have cried at the oddest times, it just happens.  Oceans remind me of him, homeless people ( for whom he had great compassion) remind me of him, electronic music reminds me of him, his nieces remind me of him ~ He’s always just a thought away and he is always missed.

Today I cried again.  I know it won’t be the last time, grief is kind of like that.


5 thoughts on “I cried again today~

  1. Darling, I miss him so much as well.

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  2. Oh Dianna, I know how things can bring you right back to the moment you knew your life would never be the same. Sometimes Jesus is beside you with His arm around your shoulder walking with you; sometimes He is a step behind you so when you look back you see His face to encourage you forward; sometimes He is in front of you clearing your path; and sometimes His arms are wrapped around you face to face as He weeps with you. The tears don’t stop but maybe, just maybe it is what keeps us feeling. I love you and miss you dear friend. May your journey of grief lead you to your place of peace.

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