They thought they knew~



I could see their reactions as I quickly walked through the grocery aisles grabbing a few needed items off the shelves, hoping not to be noticed.  As I finally made it to the cashier I could tell that the folks behind me in line were looking at me, they were concerned…….they assumed that someone had hit me in the face.   I quickly began to tell the cashier, in a loud enough voice for others to hear, that I’d had a recent surgery on my eyes and that is why I had so much bruising.   I could hear a few of the folks around me let out a relieved sigh.

I really appreciated the concern that I felt from the folks at the store, they had just enough evidence to come to a logical conclusion. Those around me assumed they knew my story, they assumed why my face was bruised.  However, they could not have been further from the truth!

This “aha” moment made me wonder how often I assume I know someone’s story and come to a conclusion about them?  How often have I been so wrong about the facts? The very word ASSUME means to “take for granted without proof”.

It’s so easy to think that I know what’s going on in someone else’s head.  It’s easy for me to imagine that I understand why a person has taken a particular course of action. But I don’t always really know and have certainly come to conclusions that have proven to have been incorrect.
Assumptions can hinder both relationships and life choices.  Have you found this to be true in your own life?  The only way to address the assumptions we make would be to:
1. make the effort to ask clarifying questions.
2. to gather real facts.
3. to be intentional to acknowledge the assumptions we make about people and situations. “Am I getting the whole story?” “Am I responding to a bias rather than the facts?” We have all experienced how it feels to have others make assumptions about us in our lives; it never feels very good.  I want to be careful to address this in my life in the days ahead, how about you?
…and my eyes?  They are doing great!  Bruising gone,  another lesson learned! 🙂

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