Time Flies~


Facebook has a feature that is fairly new.  This feature will send you a post, picture, or story that you shared on your “Wall”  from one to four years ago.  When these “reminders” show up on my Facebook feed I am always surprised at how fast time has passed!     Just last week I received a reminder from Facebook of a blog I wrote about my granddaughters birth prior to becoming her Mimi.  Scout is now almost 2 years old!! Time has just flown by!

I just returned from California a few days ago; my husband and I were doing some work with a leadership team we’ve known for some time.  We realized that  it had been 5 years since our last on-site with them!!  We were all pretty surprised at how fast time had flown by!

We all get reminders every day that time passes quickly.  Our children grow up so quickly, family and friends pass away, we see wrinkles on our faces that weren’t there yesterday, and we attend college/high school reunions that are a stark reminder of how quickly the years go by!

Thinking about this over the past few days I have been pondering the value of each day in light of how quickly they pass.  Am I stewarding well the time I have?   Am I using my gifts and talents as best I can to have impact in the time that I have?  Am I connecting with the people who matter most to me in the time that I have?  Or am I letting time just fly by?

What about you?  In light of how quickly time passes, are there any changes you might make to use your time more intentionally, with greater impact, and with purposeful relationships? Time is a gift, don’t let it slip by.

“Yesterday has gone.  Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have today, let us begin.”  Mother Theresa

“The bad new is: Time Flies!  The good news is: You are the Pilot!”  Michael Altshular

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