How is it that I’m 81?



Today I got to love on my precious mama.  Today I got to enter the sacred place of tender emotions.   Today the gap between being a daughter and being a mother got so much closer.  I am grateful for today.

I have so many clients and friends who are “my age” and at “my age” we are emancipating our kids, going through menopause, and navigating the needs of our aging parents.  It is an emotional and stretching time for each of us.  It is a time of learning about life.

My mother is a treasure and everyone who knows her says so.  She is feisty, loving, independent, funny, thoughtful, creative, and did I mention feisty? 🙂 I adore her completely.  My mother was a true beauty ~ amazing hair and figure; popular with so many, a real looker.  For my mom, dealing with the effects of aging had been disconcerting, full of humor, and as she reminds me, “I will understand when I am her age.!!  In her heart and emotions she is still that young gal who was the Belle of the Ball.  My mother is young at heart with a body that doesnt seem to match.

I am learning from my mother in this season.  My mother focuses on what she “can’ do: teaching art, painting, keeping a perfect home, but even more importantly, pouring loving care into her daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  My mother ignores pain, discomfort, and any limitations to be connected to her family….her love supersedes any discomfort.  I watch with amazement.

I feel so blessed to “get’ to have my mother ( and father) still in my life in this season.  They are cup-filling to me; yet I am not able to navigate the effects of aging for them!

What season are you in?  Caring for your parents?  Trying to help them age with some freedom but supported with integrity? Me too. they are well worth it…I adore them!





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