Random meeting~


 If you have followed my blog very long you would know that with my Coaching Practice (Coachwell.com) I travel quite a bit.  Very often, when I feel a bit “empty” I will get on the plane and put on my earbuds…a sure sign that I do not want to be disturbed!

This was the case this past week when I made my way to my seat as a lovely blond woman slid in on the seat next to me. She immediately put her earphones in and I respected her privacy.

Twenty minutes into our flight there was turbulence that caused anxiety in us all; she looked at me and said “I hate to fly”!   Within minutes we began a conversation that lasted the remaining hour and a half!

This lovely lady is in a season of change, she expressed…grown children, grandchildren, job transitios, single.  I asked her “what would you love to do?’..she looked at me expressing that she had NEVER asked herself this question.  She said she was “stuck”,  I told her “I believed she was on the cusp of a grand adventure”,   she said she had no special  gifts or talents, I told her she raised 5 amazing children and she should be  exceptionally confident  about her talents!!

I am certain that most often we don’t tell ourselves the truth during a transitional time!  We often  feel stuck, uncertain, kinda lost, fearful of the coming chapter?  I would tell you to look at your new season with anticipation, hope, and fresh Ideas!  We are never stuck….only in a fresh season full of possibilities!!

Ask youself………….what do I really, really want?

I recieved a text from her the next day, she is convinced we are now “airplane buddies”.






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