Balancing my perspective~


I was 22, ready to save the world. Brave.  Adventurous. Inexperienced.

Early in the morning I boarded our plane with a team of leaders from my University.  Long Beach airport, headed to Calcutta, India.  We were ready to impact lives, meet felt needs, and return home knowing we have made a real difference in the lives of those we met in India!

I was an American girl who had never experienced poverty or government challenges. I was from a family where I was loved, and my understanding of the world was hampered simply because I had never experienced life from another’s perspective; walked a mile in someone elses shoes.

Somewhere midway between arriving in India and realizing we had 3 more weeks until we would head home to America; I knew that in my theology, expectations, and my perspectives of what life “should” look like were only an American view, not a world-wide view.

Lately, I have been pondering my thoughts as I think about this political season; the battles, arguments, and expectations.  I am watching people fighting for their rights for taxes, education, medical care, and freedoms.   I do understand the challenge; and yet I am overwhelmed by the realization that I have lived my entire life ( 57 years) with religious freedom, no fear of bombing or being arrested, I’m not concerned that I will starve to death, nor have I ever been in hiding for safety.

So many years ago I saw suffering, hunger, fear, and uncertainty.  I am reminded how blessed I am, regardless of who is running for president, and I find the need to balance my perspective.

How about you? An American perspective or a world-wide perspective?  No matter what, do you realize your blessings and freedoms?  Do you need a perspective adjustment?  I did, and I am thankful for the experience I had that changed me forever!

India changed me, I did not change India, and I think that was the plan all along! 🙂


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