One the eve of Election Day America is raw.  As a nation we have sloshed through months and months of hurtful, harmful bantering that has left so many weary and blistered emotionally.  We have seen and heard verbal wars consisting of snarky,  shameful comments that even our children should not be privy to.  Many of us have found ourselves saying and posting things that do not present the best version of ourselves but because the “bar” has been set so low by those in leadership, we still look pretty good.  This season has wounded us all in some way and we are raw.

As we walk through the Election week ahead, well, it will be bumpy; no one will really win in the end.  Our nation is so deeply divided that no matter who assumes the presidential seat, we will face the future fractured.  Families, churches, companies, and communities will have those who are grieved by the results while others will celebrate and throw their “win” in the faces of those around them.  No one will really win, we are raw and weary as a nation.

I have sat alone many times over the past year and wondered how I should navigate my own behaviour during this tumultuous season.  I have consoled myself with the thought that government wise ” I didn’t cause it and I can’t fix it”.  However, I have felt God nudging my heart as to what I can impact.

First, I can pray, specifically and in earnest I can pray that God will heal our land as found in 2nd Chronicles 7:14.  I can care enough to set aside time to intercede for the country that I love.

Second, I can vote.  Yes, this year voting has been more challenging than any year in my adult life and yet, my right to vote is a right that was fought for by generations before me and I will honor that right always.

Third, I can be the kind of leader I wish our government would be.  I can be honest, walk with integrity, make good clear choices that will impact those in my life and my community, and I can use diplomatic words of kindness in all that I do to keep the “bar” higher than what I have experienced in our government leadership over that past year.

Fourth and last, I can be kind.  I have the choice to impact my world with kindness, love, inspiration, and the hope that I have found in God.  I can choose to mentor. volunteer, coach, and come alongside those in my community.  I can choose to DO what is right regardless of what our government may or may not do. It’s truly up to me.

We all have a choice to be a beacon of light to the world around us that is just a little raw these days.  Our anger and angst over this election could easily cause us to lose sight of the kindnesses we can show every day.  The rifts between those who believe differently than as us could cause us to miss opportunities to share the good news of hope into a heart desperately in need.   This could be the true church’s finest hour if we remember that we were sent here to be salt and light in trying times, to be a healing balm to a raw generation.

THIS is my challenge for this election week and beyond.  May you be encouraged and challenged in the same way.  May YOU share the hope that is within you. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Raw~

  1. Wonderful words of authenticity, wisdom and encouragement, Dianna! If we, as Christ-followers, do not show a calm faith and trust in God’s plan and provision, and if we do not exhibit love and kindness to others in the midst of this storm, why would anyone be drawn to follow Christ because of us? I accept and will joyfully take up this challenge! Thank you!

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