When I see the Handwriting~


Just recently I took some time to rearrange my office to make a portion of the room into a tiny bedroom for my growing granddaughters. As I rearranged furniture, removed excess books and craft materials, I came across a large box that has followed the every time I have moved; a box that is precious to me.

Sitting down with the box in my lap I began to spill the contents onto the floor ~ cards and letters saved from the time I was in High School until now.  As I looked over the different birthday cards, cards of congratulations, Just thinking of you cards, and Get well encouragements the thing that drew me to instant tears was the unique and special handwriting I had loved and now cherish from those who have played such key roles in my life.

Reading through the written thoughts of my Grandma Eva, My “Nanny”, incredible encouragements from my dad and from my mom, my sisters, my husband, my sons and their brides; I would know their handwriting anywhere. What had been meaningful before has now become priceless as some have passed away.  I am so grateful that I keep that box of every growing kindnesses.

In this busy day and age it is so much “easier” to send an encouragement or holiday  wish by texting, emailing, and Facebook messaging.  It is easier for certain but those messages, though perhaps rich in content, will lack part of what makes you “YOU” ~your personal handwriting!

I don’t expect everyone to save every card or letter I have ever sent but I do hope that as I get older that when my children or grandchildren will open a box they might be saving they will see my handwriting and will be flooded with memories.  I hope they will be reminded of the love and care I try to pour into their lives every; I pray that the wild flourish in my writing will make them smile.

Have you ever looked through a box of old cards and letter?  Have you seen the handwriting of someone dear to you?  Did it move you emotionally?  If so, grab a pad and paper or buy card; send your handwritten encouragement  out today!  Don’t lose what represents “YOU” ~~~ Your Handwriting!

“In the days of oversimplified communication, receiving a “just to say hi” email can feel like a big deal. So imagine the powerful message you convey when you actually write out your thoughts for another person by hand, purchase a stamp, physically deliver your note to a mailbox and wait days for your special someone to receive it. Their beaming smile at your thoughtfulness will say it all. ”

Alena Hall, Huffington Post

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