7 Tips to Make This A Great Week


Well Monday is here again. While this ,of course, means the weekend is over, it also means a new week of unlimited potential lies ahead. The following are 7 ideas that will help you have a happy, productive and meaningful week:

  1. Set Goals

Ideally on Sunday I will take some time to review the week ahead.

Do I have my priorities already placed on my calendar?

Have I gotten confirmations on key meetings for the week?

Do I have my food planned ahead?

When will I exercise?

What is the most important goal for the week ahead?

  1. Get the Most Out of Every Day

This may sound like a cliché, but each and every day is a gift.. Be inspired. Live with vitality. Enjoy life every day.

What cup filling activity will I choose this week?

Where can I “give back” this week in my community?

  1. Do That Thing You Are Resisting

Almost everyone has at least one thing that they are resisting. What is that activity that causes you to sigh every time it comes to mind? Perhaps it is fixing something around the house, making an important phone call or re-starting the exercise habit. Start that thing this week and you will be sure to feel as if you have accomplished something this week.

  1. Nurture Your Relationships

I truly believe that happiness is highly dependent on the quality of our relationships with other people. So be committed to nurturing these relationships. Here are some quick ideas how:

Love on your family and friends. Treat those you love with kindness no matter how tired you may be.

Pick up the Phone: email is great, but make a point this week to call someone who you have been missing.

Meet a friend for lunch: do you have a friend that seems to have fallen off the side of the Earth? Invite them out to lunch and catch up on everything you have missed.

Remember birthdays: make a point to remember important dates, such as birthdays, anniversary’s, and even points of success. (Tip: Facebook is great for looking ahead to find out the birthdays of your friends and colleague’s.)

  1. Stretch Yourself

Stretch yourself by trying something new this week! What could be fun and challenging? What have you always been afraid to you?

  1. Be Disciplined

Starting the week by setting. If you struggle with self-discipline I suggest you keep your plans in front of you and look at them each day determined to stay on task—getting someone to keep you accountable is also very ,very helpful!

  1. Make a Difference

This week commit to making a positive difference in the world. Even the following small actions can make a big difference in the life of another person and/ or the world:

  • Buy lunch a homeless person.
  • Show kindness to everyone who serves you: grocery, car wash, gym, etc.
  • Volunteer your time for a good cause! Read for elementary school kids, volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, there are so many causes that could use a little time from you.

How are you going to make this a great week?

One thought on “7 Tips to Make This A Great Week

  1. Miss Diana Thank you for this awesome reminder and breaking it down so very simply. It is amazing how simply we can make our hearts so open to everything.

    Julie Ireland INjoy Spa Salon 541-678-5657

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