You just might need a Coach!




Being seen and heard by someone is very powerful and profound. Having a life coach to support, guide, and teach you on a regular basis is empowering, inspiring, and one of the best decisions you can make if you want to move forward into fresh places in your life and career. Simply put~~ we get stuck.

Having a safe place to land bi-weekly call, having a coach guiding and supporting you through your challenges, heartaches, and successes can be incredibly helpful and freeing. Your coach should cause you to feel safe and empowered. If you are unclear and afraid of the unknown, you won’t take actions to make necessary changes unless you trust your coach. Make sure you find a coach with your best interest in mind, one who is trustworthy, and has enough confidence to help you to move into new territory.

When you start to make changes in your life, it feels exciting and uplifting but also scary and unfamiliar. This might be when you start to sabotage yourself; sometimes the unfamiliar territory can be a little bit scary and we want to run back to what we have always done! If you have a brave and inspiring coach by your side you will be able to make fresh changes, even when if feels a bit scary  your coach will keep your eyes on the end goals you have desired!

Your coach will understand the challenge of change. They lead the way for you to have the greatest success. A coach will spot your self-sabotaging patterns quickly, so you can stop tripping yourself up and move forward with renewed confidence.

You may not take yourself as far as you can go on your own. And just like the good intentions of getting a gym membership to become and/or stay healthy and fit, your intentions  to make needed changes will often fail when you begin to move out of your comfort zone.  Having a coach who is trained to help you create clarity for your vision and spot your reactionary patterns will enable you to make the changes necessary for the results you have been dreaming of!

If you have invited a skilled coach into your life they will celebrate with you and make sure that you recognize and cherish every success along the way.  You most likely don’t take time to realize your accomplishments and successes! You might overlook what you have accomplished and your coach will take note of every change you make along the way!

Finding the right coach for you could change your life! Having outside insight can bring you closer to your hopes and dreams. I know, as a woman who has been coached in a pivotal season…..If I’d have know how to change my life on my own I’d have done it! I needed a guide, a cheerleader, and a safe place to land in order to grow.

Could this be your season?

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