Who is the bigger man?



Tonight Greg and I went on a date! So fun! We walked the River Trail and enjoyed the rush of the river, the crisp wind that cooled us down, and the greenery that made us feel in awe for God’s amazing creation.!

After our 4-mile walk Greg and I decided to grab a quick bite before heading into the movies to watch The Incredibles (don’t judge)

As we ordered a salad and Iced tea there was a disturbance that caught our attention very close to where we were sitting. An angry man and his pretty wife jumped up and moved to a table way alongside of us–cursing and angry about the loud children that had been seated at a table right behind them.

We hear angry responses from the father and mother of two rambunctious boys from the family behind this older couple, the father expressed that his kids didn’t come with a mute button! “ This is a family restaurant!! All of a sudden two angry men were bumping chests and hurling angry responses to each other! Once it died down—the father with his children beside him preceded to provoke further anger by calling out the antagonist challenging him to fight and calling him a coward!

Greg and I caught eyes. We were both sad. Adults should lead in the arena of civility and yet, two sweet young boys observed the anger in these two men that mirrored the anger so prevalent in our culture today!

God says that His people will be salt and light in and generation who has lost its way!

How can we shine a light? How can we be a different flavor than those who are pent up—angry. This is a remarkable season for those who follow Christ! Let’s seek him in this angry generation and bring hope, kindness, civility, and reconciliation!

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